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Rookie rider

Hi everyone.  I recently lost my horse that I had for 22 years to sudden onsot of severe colic, actually a stone.  The tragedy of this, however has provided me with the opportunity of purchasing a 4 year old Arabian mare from Charlene Lewis (who many of you know) so I can finally get involved in the sport I have always wanted to do.  The time is now right.  While I don't know anyone except Charlene who has been a wonderful trainer, I look forward to meeting all of you and hopefully celebrate some new friendships with people who have this in common with me.  I was surprised that riding endurance is so different than Western Pleasure and I have really felt like a rookie.  But I'm getting it and will be making my first ride at Warner Springs.  I hope to meet a lot of you and simple by watching you on the trail I know I will keep learning more and more.  Hopefully I'll move up from finishing the race to actually coming in top 10 in the future. 
I love this ridecamp chat room - I have been reading all your emails and messages loaded with great information and giving me a feel for some issues going on and more about AERC. 
These are the things I am thankful for this day besides my two sons, a great family, my parents still living and my horse Lady Nantyka.
Talk to some of you soon hopefully.
Michelle Taylor

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