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Re: RC: more wintec????


My best advice to you is DO NOT sink money into new (or used) saddles
until you get your own horse.  It's hard enough trying to fit your own
horse.  The chances you will fit your current mount AND your own future
horse are slim to none.  

Imagine starting "The Great Saddle Hunt" all over again!

Linda Flemmer
Blue Wolf Ranch wrote:
> in addition to my other, very long question, have any of you done rides with
> either the wintec 500 all purpose or dressage, or the wintec pro endurance???
> was it comfortable?  how do they hold up
> THANK YOU AGAIN...and again and again and again.
> -and to any of you, do you ride in english saddles, western saddles, or high
> tech endurance saddles :)
> thanks, renee
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