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crewing and other fun

hope all is well with all a ya'll (I don't know if it is allowed for someone 
in California to say ya'll, may be I should say "Hey dudes")  today was 
another beautiful day in Arcata, Ca.  it needs to rain soon to keep the 
tourists from moving here! :) 
I got out of school early because of finals and I went and shoveled some 
poop.  didn't get to ride except a little in the arena so poop scooping is 
the next best thing, right???  Too bad I can't be a professional poop 
scooper, I could make a fortune.  oh well.  
Okay, to the point....I am sure a lot of you have pit crewed before and I 
just have to say that it is sooooooo fun.  I crewed a few different 50 milers 
last year, one of them, I crewed for 3 people at the same time (wouldn't be 
so difficult but one is top ten, one is middle of the pack, and one is back 
of the pack, hard to keep up).  I also got to crew at Tevis..that was 
probably the best experience of my horsey life, of course I am only 17 so 
ther are more experiences to come.  I learned so much at tevis and I saw some 
people that I never realized existed outside of the endurance news pictures.  
I will admit that I would rather be riding the rides, but a tevis buckle, for 
me, is in the very very very very distant future, so what could be more fun 
than going to Tevis and just getting a taste of how fun it is.  
Hopefully, this year, I will be able to ride more rides but if not, crewing 
is the next best thing.

    Check it Out!    

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