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Manager Burnout

Jean Wonser
FL is at least two rides short over past several years
primarily due to Manager Burnout.  

Fortunately other folks have risen to the occasion and 
started new rides, new Forests.  

In l981 there was one ride in the State.  Everything that
has happened since was built slowly, rider by rider.  It has only
been since FL rides went into the deep winter (by Northern
standards) that the rides have increased beyond barely
breaking even financially.

In addition to the work and planning no ride manager should
have to fear going into the red on a ride financially.  

So there are a lot of constraints into planning a ride in a State
surrounded by ocean, and hense limiting driving distance for
those out-of-state.

So we in Florida are overly sensitive to griping, whining, 
other criticism of our rides--no  matter how many problems
may have occured (or not) it is poor policy to publicy
fuss about much.  We are just grateful to have Endurance
in the State of Florida.  

When anyone has a negative comment about a Florida ride
I say go help next year--and well before the ride.  Many  of
us go to rides for a well marked trail, and enough Vets or 
staggering of starts to allow  each horse/and rider
 rest time after the VC.Everything else is a bonus.

See you on the Trail,
Jean Wonser
AERC #5352

That's all  I ask, as a minimum anyhow.  Every ride I
have ever competed deserved a big thank you from me in writing
and I believe I have kept that pledge.  So let us see more of
you helping cure Management Burnout.  

    Check it Out!    

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