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fell off

Hi ridecampers.  If you read my e-mail earlier called fort shellborne, you 
would have read that I was going to go for a ride after school got out.  
well, I went, me and my friend loaded up his horses (I am leasing one) and 
headed for the beach.  It is only about 3 miles from his house to the closest 
beach, so we went there and headed out.  we first went in the dunes, and then 
made our way onto the beach.  trot trot trot, everything is dandy...until, 
she spooks at the foam that washes up with each wave.  STUPID FOAM, it was 
all the foams fault!!! how dare, it jump out in front of her.  :) she had no 
choice but to jump to the side.  :)  she went one way, I went the other way.  
hey, if you have to fall, the sand is the best place to do it!!! so, I got 
up, dusted the sand off of my wet body (I rolled into the surf) and got back 
on the jumping bean.  we went on our way and all was dandy once again.  I HAD 
MY HELMET ON, as I always do, even though I didn't hit my head, I was glad 
that I had my helmet.  It is because of my helmet, no matter how dorky it may 
look, that each time I fall off, I can groan, sigh, laugh, and get back on.  
Helmets are a small price to pay for some good insurance.

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