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Re: RC: Unidentified subject!

In a message dated 01/26/2000 10:19:27 AM Pacific Standard Time, writes:

<< I agree that it should be first come, first served; but then maybe there 
 be a problem getting enough vets for the ride. >>

I've been following this thread for awhile and find it informative.  We RMs 
have to be careful about such issues.  Just to reinforce your comment about 
shortage of vets, YES this is a problem.  Sometimes a RM fills in with less 
experienced vets, and that can lead to problems.  We had a snafu on our 30 
miler last year when an experienced but overly conscientious vet did 
"pre-purchase exams" on every one of about 40 riders and put the whole group 
about an hour behind schedule.  My daughter and granddaughter were riding and 
they nearly missed the finishline cutoff.  This year we will be more careful 
in our choice of vets or ask the vet at that checkpoint not to do such an 
extensive check.


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