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Re: Passing up in VCs

Im with Angie,  I dont have a problem waiting in line (1st come 1st served)
as long as there is hay, carrots etc. to grab and let Clovis eat as we are
waiting.  I can eat on the run (ride).  Most of the stops are gate to a hold
.  You cant leave until your time is over anyway.   I only got preturbed
once on a ride having to stand in line.  It was last season and I was on a
75 mile race.  The vet stop was in camp and the looooong line for the vet
was riders that were done with the ride and waiting to vet out.  I asked the
vet if my fellow rider and I could vet ahead of the others because we needed
to feed our horses and get back on the trail. All of the horses in line were
50s and they were all done.   I had to stand there and argue with the
vet.!!! Finally a couple of the ladies standing in line argued for us and
offered their place in line.  I guess I was  a line hopper, but, I didnt
think we were being unreasonable.  What do you guys think?    gesa n clovis
(I was hungry and still had 25 miles to go!)
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Date: Wednesday, January 26, 2000 4:05 PM
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>>As a ride manager I've always felt that the vet line was 1st come
>>first >serve for anyone who was going back out on trail, no matter the
>>distance. >Completion exams & BC exams could wait.
>Personally, I enjoy long vet lines....really!  When I come flying into a
>vet check, clear P&R, get vetted and go back to my stuff, Kaboot is
>constantly worried that everyone is leaving him.  He can't eat for
>watching horses leave.  When there's a long vet line (Like at the
>Liberty) I get my crew to bring me a pan of beet pulp, and some hay and
>he eats the entire time we're in line.  We're usually still close to the
>horse he's been traveling with so he's happy, horses around us are
>wanting a bite (which I give them...the competition does him good) and he
>doesn't feel like he's being left.  Rides often say "no buckets in the
>P&R area", I've yet to have anyone tell me I can't have on in the vet
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