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Re: RC: Pre-purchase/Flexion tests

In a message dated 1/26/00 7:36:09 AM Pacific Standard Time, writes:

<<  Or is it subjective as
 to the vet performing the test? >>
HAving worked both for a track vet as well as a then-local private 
practitioner, the inference here is subjective, not only in relation to the 
VET''S judgment but also in relation to the horse's purported use. In other 
words, a good vet does not spel out that a horse is sound or unsound, but, 
upon inquiring about the horse buyer's intent, will indicate sound, 
unsound(for most any pursuit) or serviceably sound for the intended use. I 
like this, as it gives me a geta indication about the horse's full medical 
situation, as in a mare we had checked to replace oru daughter's horse who 
died last year. The mare who was vetted seemed sound enough until she was 
flexed and trotted off in oen particular direction. Turned out she has a 
slight deviation from teh pastern or base of the cannon, and as such, EVEN 
THOUGH she was at the time coming off a susccessful 2 seasons of showing over 
low fences, at age 9, she would not have withstood the rigors of hunt, 
dressage and distance over the next few seasons, let alone over a career 
life. She was NOT serviceably sound for OUR purposes, but will be perfect for 
a low level trail and unrated show rider, and even some A shows, sparingly 
ridden,, for a delighted child. 

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