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glass eyes AND black arabs

Here's a link to info on glass eyes in Arabians:

The historical info is very interesting - recessive "mutation" that
shows up when both parents carry it.  The Crabbett horse Pharaoh carried
the gene but not the blue eye.

I have a son of the mare Medusa CAHR on that page.  She's a Black Arab
and has a glass eye.  My guy is a dark chocolate chestnut with a white
star, strip, snip and a partial blue eye, (and a tail going flaxen).
His sire is a light chestnut "pinto listed" Arab with dark eyes.  His
vision seems fine, but that type of eye always seems to be "watching "
more than dark ones, so maybe that's why people think they can't see as

I've heard that some Native Americans consider the horse with a 'watch'
eye to be a spirit horse. ( I'm not exactly sure what that means, but it
sounds cool...)   They paint a circle around their horse's eyes to help
them see better.  Could this be to mimic the blue eye that sees better?
Sheer conjecture..


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