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Crabbet bloodlines? info

Hi everyone,
Since most of you seem to be snowed or at least frozen in at the moment heres a pet project for those of you who love the bloodline work  {grin}
I have a mare who I was told was of Crabbet bloodlines. So for you folks with more knowledge..please take a glance at her bloodlines and let me know whatever info you might or might not know{BG} . Her Info. is ; Wolfhollow Babe AHR# 231580 chestnut mare 4 April 1981.
I have two others for those of you have time I would like any info on too!! Please.
Hal Jolie AHR# 407718 bay mare {potential endurance prospect}
Trec Time AHR# 301349 bay mare..
Thanks everyone ahead of time!!
Louisiana - where riding is possible almost everyday of the year! - at least we dont get "snow!"

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