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I know I had waited in line at one ride in October for 20 minutes of a
30-minute hold
when someone attempting a 100 marched her horse past about 30 people in
50-mile ride and placed herself in the front.  Several other 100-milers
that they deserved to be in front, too, and took their horses past all of
the 50's.  
Nearly started a big rebellion!  Guess that those doing 50's were 'not
really doing 
endurance.'  Anyway, it made us go 15 minutes past our 'out time' to just
get a vet
to look at our horses.  Then we had to go back to re-tack and do the
other things
that have to be done during a check.....

Dave Bennett

 Jean Wonser wrote
> Most of the rides I ever stood in a line more than five
> minutes simply had not hired enough Vets/and or had
> not spread ;the distances by enough time;

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