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Fwd: RC: Panacur Dosage X 2

We did it with a horse at our barn that had had diarrea for over six months. 
He never looked thrifty, and had come from a place that we were pretty sure 
never de-wormed their horses. Anyway,WOW what a difference. The diarrea 
stopped within a month after, and he started gaining weight like crazy. He's 
never "looked" back since.

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<< Any comments on the recent post recommending dosing with 2x the normal
 amount of Panacur wormer for 5 consecutive days as a safe, effective way
 to eliminate encysted small strongyles.
 Has anyone tried this "recommended method" and, if so, what were the
 results? >>

Well, I did it!  I whined to Heidi for a while about it (I kept asking her if 
she was SURE it was safe).  I have this little "rescue" gelding who just 
couldn't lose the worm belly and didn't have what I would call a "bloom" on 
him despite really good feed and a consistent worming schedule.  He was so 
loaded with worms when I got him as a 5 month old that....well, let's just 
say there wasn't alot of manure in his manure, mainly worms.  he just 
couldn't lose that "bloat".  I had him on Strongid daily for 6 months after 
the initial worming phase.  Still, no glow.  I did the Panacur treatment and 
I'm telling you.... what a difference!  This guy looks great and finally has 
that "gleam in his eye" (I may rue the day :)  I am really pleased with the 
results and since I did this with an 18 month old, I'm pretty sure no harm 
could come to an adult horse.  Good luck, and please post  your results!


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