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Re: RC: Re: A Stallion Named Irene

In a message dated 01/25/2000 9:59:50 AM Pacific Standard Time, writes:

<< Then I began to think of Knight. 
 What went with it?  All of a sudden the song Good Night Irene came into my
 and there it was.  >>

Jerry, what an astonishing coincidence!  When Lud and I were courting, 50 
years ago, OUR song was Good Night Irene.  While we didn't have a horse named 
that, we did have a horned Hereford bull that Lud had named Irene.  This bull 
had no brush on his tail; it had been chewed off by an overly zealous cattle 
dog.  Irene the bull was an institution with us for several years.    Lud's 
horse was named Detour, after another western song ...  "Detour, there's a 
muddy road ahead .... ".  Detour DID, fairly frequently.  Yet Lud chose to 
mount me on him on our first date.  I had no trouble with him, but I've often 
wondered if that was a test of this teenage girl he met for the first time.  
If I stayed with Detour, did that give him something to measure me by?  
Whatever the reason was, it must have helped, as we've been married just over 
49 years.  Brings back old and wonderful memories.


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