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central region Convention

Well said Nancy, I agree that Dr Loving gave us all a new way to think
about allot of our old basic habits.
I found her to be a very intelligent and passionate speaker. It was a
great treat for her to come to our convention.  Sometimes when you get
caught up in the forget to look at the main reason you
are able to compete....Your Horse!!  Look around you and Listen to your
horse. Maybe he/she is not feeling that spiffy today. Maybe it is a bad
hair day...we can relate to that. Dr Loving made a very good statement
when she said. "Not all horses are happy doing this type of riding"
Actually they may hate it.
Why make them do it if they are unhappy. Know the difference between
"Unhappy" and  "Off Day".

A big thank you to Bruce and Louise Burton for putting on another great
convention!!  The little trade show was bigger this year. We even had a
used tack sale!  Hopefully that will grow to a big event.
I also want to thank our AERC executive director Doyle Patrick for
coming to our convention.  What a warm person he is. He made everyone
feel like he grew up here in Our region! Doyle has done a wonderful job
his first year. What a great endurance news we have now!  Keep up the
good work!!
Doyle and Nancy you can both come and ride with us anytime!!  Maybe if
we blindfold you it would feel like you were doing HILLS!!!!!

I was hoping to head to Texas for my first ride this year.....looks like
we are gonna get Rain,Sleet, and Snow.  I guess I will start pouting
now.  See you on the trail.....
Sheila Garretson
Central Region

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