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Re: RC: renee's job search

Hi Renee,

Glad to know your a kid <G> can't imagine knowing as much as you when I was 
one, I'm very impressed.  Your special, now don't waste it.

Sorrento, FL

In a message dated 01/25/2000 1:10:33 AM EST, writes:

<< Hi are all of you doing tonight.  I guess not too many people 
 on right now since it is 10:00 pm pacific time....oh well.
 remember how I was wondering what I could do for a living?  well, I could do 
 something with typing because my mom (yup, my mom...i'm just a kid)  bought 
 this typing program and it tells you how fast you type...anyways, I type 65 
 words a minute....thats fast...I think, maybe some of you are typing 1000 
 words a minute..I really don't know what is considered fast. 
 soooo, any ideas of jobs (that may include some college, I guess you guys 
 have convinced me that college is not totally evil) that have something to 
 with typing???  who knows....i could be a uhhhhh, uhhhh....whatever, just 
 throw some ideas out there if you have a moment or two.  Oh, and a wise old 
 friend...well not old but wise, told me not to focus so much on thinking 
 I "wouldn't need all this stuff in school so why even try" and he told me to 
 just get into it (school) a little and do horses after the bell rings but 
 focus on school between 8:10 and 3:10 (school hours).  So I tried his little 
 idea and it really, honestly worked.  I went to school on friday and focused 
 and got an "A" on my spanish test.  (second year of spanish, ahhhhhh, hate 
 but getting better).    If you are wondering, even though I HATE school, I 
 have always managed to get "a"'s and "b"'s.  just this year, I have gotten a 
 couple c's but hey, I think that is still pretty good, I never cut class, 
 always turn in my work...i'm a good kid, honest, don't do dumb stuff (drink, 
 smoke..etc, etc.)
 I think this whole endurance "thing" really makes kids turn out better, most 
 of the kids I know in endurance are really good students.  
 blah, blah, blah...I'm rambling now

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