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Santa MOnicas

UPDATE - Th eTriunfo HOA apparently is having some dislike for local "horse 
operations" and so want to rezone the region so that HOMEOWNERS can only have 
2 horses per acre, LESS THE LAND the HOUSE is on. In otehr words, if you have 
less than an acre, you can onyl have half a horse - when you sell your HORSE 
property you can no longer offer it for SALE as HORSE PROPERTY. This band of 
folk apparently believe that their dicomfiture with some other group of 
people entitles them to  steal the lifestyles of families with kids and their 
horses - 4H, Pony Club, etc. They think they can rob us of our property 
values. I think not. Please, if you can, make yourselves available for the 
meeting on wednesday and/or call your reps.  For those of you who don't live 
in this area - you may be next.

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