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Re: RC: Trail Rite/zilco tack

In a message dated 1/24/00 5:29:00 AM Pacific Standard Time, writes:

<< 'm still trying to find some info. and pictures of the zilco tack and 
 rite and Austrailian Connection will not come up on the endurance net.  Know 
 of anyone else that sells it?

Yes, Long Riders carries it as well.  That's who I ordered mine from.  E mail 
is or toll free #888-420-GEAR.  Tracy Bailey is very 
easy to work with.  They are in the process of moving their warehouse, so it 
may take a day or so for her to call you back.  Her prices were the same as 
the Australian Connection.  The Zilco stuff is very nice looking. They are 
re-making a couple of items for me, they have been extremely accommodating.


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