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Re: States

Aaaaahhhhhhhhhhh.  California, the only place for me.  Desert and ocean,
mountains and prairies.  A place where you can water and snow ski in the
same day if you're determined.  You can have freezing winters, and blazing
summers, or the opposite if you prefer.  Rich in history and natural
beauty.  Brightlights and big city, too, if that tickles your fancy.  And
let's not forget DISNEYLAND!!!!  Anything you want to see, is within
driving distance.  Don't even get me started on places to ride, and ride,
and ride.   Forest fires and floods, some quakes depending on where you
live.  Hurricanes?  Nope.  Tornadoes (<<<with or without an "e"?) Not
really.  We get funnel clouds that sometimes touch down, but don't do near
as much damage as in the east.  Yes, its wet, rainy, and windy here in
Corning, CA today, but I've also got flowers on my front porch which are
still blooming from seeds I planted in May.  I wouldn't trade it for
anything.     (Okay, maybe I nice Villa in Baja)  : )

Abigail Madden

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> Subject: RC:  States
> Date: Saturday, January 22, 2000 3:45 PM
> oh yeah, I forgot to ask where all of you live, there has to be at least
> person from each state out there so I should be able to get a lot of info
> different states.  What is endurance like there, I hear it is different
> the east coast.  What do you like about your state, what is it like
> type area or a big city)
> -Renee
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