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Re: RC: hay feeders

In a message dated 01/23/2000 7:12:44 AM Pacific Standard Time, writes:

<< Go to a heavy equipment tire dealer and ask them to GIVE you
 one of their "unrecapable" tires - I got ones that stand 3.5
 feet on their side and are 5.5 feet across.  I spend $20 on
 saber saw blades (you will go thru them all - rubber is
 tough) and cut out the middle opening so it was bigger (top
 and bottom). I now have a hay feeder that won't hurt the
 horses, has drainage, lasts forever and holds 6 bales of
 hay. >>

Teddy, I'm sure this must be a less expensive way to go than building the 
wooden ones we have.  The person who originally sent the question had to deal 
with sand colic.  Do you put a bottom of some sort on your tire feeders to 
keep the dirt and sand under control?


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