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Re: RC: sore lips

In a message dated 01/22/2000 4:56:37 PM Pacific Standard Time, writes:

<< Two endurance riders were out in the desert riding a 50 miler.  The first 
 endurance rider looks over at the other and asks, "you have any Chap Stick?" 
 The other rider replies "nope sorry."   
 So the first rider jumps off his horse and runs around behind it.  He 
 proceeds to lift his horses tail, gives him a big kiss right on the rear 
 and jumps back on his horse.        
 After a couple of more miles the second rider says, "sorry, but I gotta ask, 
 does that really cure chapped lips?"
 The first rider reply's, "nope, but it sure keeps me from licking 'em."

I really think I'd rather carry a Chap Stick on a little cord around my neck, 
thank you!


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