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Hey Renee if you want to have a horse business I say go for your dreams...Do 
go to collage and learn learn learn... I have a friend Kim Johnson, she owns 
Belesemo Arabians (see her web site)  She makes an excellent living with her 
In fact she is the one who sent Valerie Kanavy the video and sold her that 
new horse,
Ohadi Las Tradd. she didn't breed Hadi, but the Belesemo horses have the same 
blood lines.  Kim has an incredible ability to match up horse and rider...She 
does her homework.  When she bought Hadi, she knew that this is the kind of 
horse Valerie likes, so she sent her the video.  She did the same for me with 
Epic. and hundreds of others.  She got Belesemo Trad when she was 14 and 
never gave up on her dream to one day have a breeding facility, now (30 
something) years later (sorry Kim,LOL)...she is still doing great.

Kim has excellent horses, she epitimises high standards and is so honest and 
easy to deal with.  If she dosen't have what your looking for she will find 
it.  I believe that is why she has done so well.  She is an honest Christian 
woman.  The thing to do Renee' or any one who wants to start any business is 
to find sucessful people and pick their brain...find  out how they did it...

Call her and ask questions 208-459-4107, get one of her packets she has 
articles on how she started and maintains a strong buiness with the thing she 
loves to do...horses

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