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>Although I haven't tried it myself, in all the pictures I've
>seen you have to have a rider and a skier.  The rider uses a
>western saddle and dallies the tow rope on the horn.  When
>you figure out how to rig it for just a skier I'd like to see a photo!

The people I've been talking to here in the NE use a frame.

I'm going to make a frame out of 3/4" PVC Electrical Conduit. It has
UV inhibitors that resist deterioration due to sun and is not as brittle
as that used for liquids.  I'm still waiting on details on the levers to
hold the reins (ALSO for it to get above zero degrees!)

John and Meshack (I'm out in 26 below weather this morning!) (Vermont Equestrian Activities) 
Secretary/Treasurer Vermont Arabian Horse Association

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