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4 3/4" bits

I ended up buying the 14 mm KK Ultra bradoon in a 5" size, and it actually does fit my horse perfectly.  Thanks for the suggestion on that.  It's really a nice size 3 piece dressage bit for a smaller Arab, and the small rings look better on her, too. ;-)
I did find that Ponies Only ( carries a 16 mm KK Ultra look-alike bit (by Dublin) in a 4 1/2" and 5" size, for a lot less $$$.  There's also a decent looking 3 piece snaffle in Libertyville's western catalog in a 4 3/4" that is put together like a Sprenger Conrad Training snaffle, and it's $17 (on page 81).
After spending quite a bit of $$ trying to find a good fitting bit for her, thought I'd pass this on...

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