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Re: RC: Marv's challenge : and a riposte

> Perhaps we should refine the question : explain why the round pen is a more
> effective, long-term learning environment than any other.
It's not.  But it is, however, a decent place to get a start - to get a
start that will serve as an excellent foundation for further lessons on
the trail and in the real world.  Just as your experience in moot court
gave you the foundation for your later work at the Real Thing.  It's not
a be-all, end-all, it's a decent, safe, productive place to get started.

I like to round pen our screwed-up retrainee guys when they come.  (Some
are quicker than others to get results from, and others don't benefit as
much) The important part of it for me is that we get started in a place
where the horse knows *I* am okay.  Many of these guys are untrusting,
and when they see that the humans in this place are okay, they let their
guard down a bit.

* * *
Abby Bloxsom
ARICP Certified Instructor
Level III Recreational and Distance Riding
Colebrook, CT USA

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