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Re: chocolate???.

>Yes...ITA on chocolate immersion! :O)>

What on earth does ITA stand for?  In Tall Areas?  Irish Talent Agency?  I
am flummoxed.  And while we're at it, what does FWIW stand for?

Back to the serious stuff...

>As a matter of fact, is there anybody out there making a chocolate saddle?
I would think that the
concept would be appealling to rider, horse, and saddlemaker alike.  The
rider, of course, gets to snack while on long rides...and we all know those
power bars and super pouch gels are just fancy, expensive
candy.  ;c) The horse gets the right fit each ride because the
geothermically engineered panels literally melt to the shape of the
individual horse.  And the saddlemaker gets repeat business because *this*
saddle is consumable in the best kinda way!!!  Waddaya think gang?  Am I
onto something here?

Hmm, on something, definitely, and whatever it is, I want it.  Onto
something, I'm not sure.  Perhaps we should explore this some more -
licorice reins, perhaps (at least they'll break, thereby averting
accidents), toffee bits (no more horses avoiding the bit, lots of mouthing,
less green goop - more brown goop, admittedly, but you can't have

Looks like I'm pulling another all-nighter, gang, so if this is how it
starts, watch out!


PS.  I accidentally called you Shawna in another post.  Sorry!

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