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Please explain NH to me.

Hi, Shannon,

>And round penning and NH techniques are not the same thing...the former is
just one aspect of the latter.>

I realise that.  I just asked Sandy to explain certain things to me.

>Using the round pen for this purpose is too simple to have to immerse
yourself in is just a simple technique.....but you do need to try it
with an open mind before discounting it.>

I have tried it, with both my horses, and with my pony.  Toc puts his head
down and looks at me before I've even closed the gate (See Mum, I'm a good
boy, now can we go on an outride?"), VG refused to leave my side ("Excuse
me?  Run around while you flick a thingy at me?  What on earth for.  I'm
bonded, see, I'm glued to the pocket you keep the carrots in.") and PG
panicked and tore round at a flat-out gallop threatening to kill himself -
three guesses what happened to him at the race track.

I haven't discounted round-penning in general.  I have questioned using it
as a method to bond with a horse - I think that lots of time spent with the
horse in hand is more effective.  I also don't think it should be used for
all horses.  I think round-penning (or lunging) is an excellent schooling
technique, and a good way to assess how your horse is moving and developing
from the ground, when you are getting mixed signals in the saddle.  However,
with a horse like PG, this is best done in the school, as he hates the lunge

But bonding....I'm not convinced.


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