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Re: Re: Please explain NH to me.

Hi, again, Sandy

>Tracey---I'm not even going to attemp to explain it ...because I would
probably fail miserably...there are so many different methods etc that I
wouldn't even know where to begin>

That's okay, I just want you to explain why the NHmen chase the horses round
the pen.  That's all.

>...for example...I have watched lots of videos on dressage, talked to lots
of dressage people, attended clinics and taken a few lessons...with all that
I have barely scratched the tip of the iceberg....I know the ONLY way I can
ever truely understand and learn dressage is by doing it with
instructors...hours and years on end...and probably the more instructors one
can study under the better; because they
all do things differently and have different good techniques to offer.>

But don't you ever ask : why?  Why does an instructor teach a horse the
canter strike-off with the outside leg, when you will need that later for
half-pass, for instance.  Each instructor may offer a good and different
technique, but if he / she can't explain why it has value, then they have no
right to be teaching it.  Same for my query about NH : put it in terms I can
understand, or don't complain if I reject it.

>Just like a person can never learn what they need to know about trail
riding from inside an a person a never understand what all this
Natual Horsemanship stuff is about until they, for a period of time, immerse
themselve in it...>

Wrong : you can immerse yourself in it until you can't see anything but NH,
that's not understanding : that's blind faith.  If you want to understand
something, you have to question it, probe it, turn it upside-down and see if
it still works.

And I'm still waiting for Marv, or another proponent of NH to explain to me
just what is so natural, and so magical, about round-penning, that someone
needs to "immerse" themselves in it to understand it.


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