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Re: oat hay

Betsy See wrote:

> Is anyone familiar with feeding oat's and con's?  Can it be
> by itself, or does it need to be mixed

I've fed oat hay to my gang for the past year and a half.  They've done
great.  The owners of one mare that we board said that she maintained her
weight the best she ever has last winter.  I also fed a little beet pulp
with a vitamin/mineral supplement.

I think you need to be careful about getting oat hay that has been cut
fairly young.  As it gets older, the stems get harder and the grain in the
heads is more mature.  I'd be careful of that.  Our bales also fall apart
fairly easily, but I think that is because the hay was short last summer
(not much rain).

Susan G., Acknowledged Expert on Equine Nutrition, has mentioned oat hay as
an acceptable type of grassy hay.  I'd sure have paid attention if she had
nixed it.

Kris Hazelbaker

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