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Thyroid info?

I have a horse that is very "cold blooded".   He shivers and freezes even
when it isn't very cold.

Since I have been able to get him to gain weight so he no longer looks like
a gutted greyhound, and is comfortably round, it is better.
Some of his shivers have been  nerves, and as he has grown to trust me, and
be fit for the work I am asking,  that has improved a lot, too.
Horse has successfully completed over 300 miles this season, both 50's and
LD's, in good condition, lots of "A"s on Vet card.

At the Oregon 100 this week, I entered the 50.  It was pretty cold overnite,
and on the trail.  We were doing fine  until the first check at about 15
miles.   There was a back up getting PR's and then to the Vet.   Horse was
cold,  borrowed a warmer blanket, but still shivering.   At the trot out he
showed a minor "off" gait and was pulled, fairly so.   However, the Vet was
very concerned about how cold the horse was,  even though I reasured him it
was pretty normal for this horse.  ( I know, we all say "My horse always
does that")
Anyway his response was "Maybe he has a thyroid problem".   This is not a
good time to ask  questions as the Vet is already way behind.

Anybody able to give me more info on this??      Thanks much.

By the way, the lameness was gone by Sunday morning, so everything came out


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