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RE: requiring advance notice to BOD/membership before BOD votes

Teresa Van Hove
Actually this brings up a good point.  Its certainly not always
a good idea to have the entire membership vote on something.  Anyone
voting without sufficient forethought and knowledge may blunder, its
easier to have the board educate themselves on something than to
educate the entire membership, so I think representational voting
by the BOD is probably good so long as interested membership
has an opportunity to know what the board is voting on so they can
communicate their thoughts to their board members before the BOD 

BTW- I was displeased at the way all the questions were presented
to the membership for this particular election (you can find proof
in the archives) and the fact that the membership reversed itself
when the matter was presented in the opposite light and was the
only issue and thus got lots of 'press' in the EN ahead of time
proves the point about the importance of forethought and knowledge
for anyone voting.    Perhaps I should amend yesterdays question
about not allowing votes on items brought up at board meetings till
the next board meeting to not allowing a vote until 30 days after
the meeting if an issue was not presented 30 days before the meeting
and allowing internet/phone voting by the board for these "presented
at the meeting" issues.  Bob Morris had a valid point that sometimes
things shouldn't wait for 6 months; but there should never be anything
that affects the membership as a whole that has to be decided in
just one or two days.  


< After about
 20 minutes of discussion, the board passed the motion.The motion was
 reversed by a membership vote and LD is now 25-35 miles. During the time
 span between the motion and the reversal, the Rules Committee had to
 rewrite all LD rules which were rewritten again upon reversal. >>

Sorry my dear you left out the fact that this was a Bylaws change that was 
voted on by the membership and then changed...then A petition was circulated 
and a new vote was called for and the previous vote was reversed.

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