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Re: RC: other lists

Hi Jufa
I started the Arabian Sporthorse Network message board which addresses
dressage, 3-day eventing and the new Sporthorse classes and it can be
found on my Contact Us page on my web site listed below. I was just
asked by the Middle East if they could link and also another horse
message board. Have been busy with breeding lately (will this season
ever end??? Hal is now natural covering 3 mares for clients---
breakfast, lunch and dinner-- boy is not complaining but at this rate we
will be breeding through Christmas!-We're sending frozen semen to
Colombia in Nov!!)
Anywho, so that is the reason I really haven't expanded it much so far
outside of the initial postings in July. I have invited one of the
founders of A.R.A.B.S to go there and explain about his program. That
will be something I look forward to and I invite anyone who has gone
through the certification process so far to please post there. With
Halynov's background in hunting and jumping and his offspring's records
in dressage, I wanted to start a forum that addressed those disciplines
with the Arabian in mind. 
I'd love to have your input and anyone else's here who is also
interested in these disciplines.
Bette Lamore
Whispering Oaks Arabians, Home of 16.2hh TLA Halynov
(yes, REALLY!)

jufa marie wrote:
> I enjoy our endurance list but sometimes would like to be
> more informed on other disciplines of riding (ctr,
> dressage,sport horses and western areas)I am sure that
> there are other areas out there similar to ridecamp for
> exchanging ideas but dont know how to find them....any one
> have some addresses to go to? Thanks
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