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Re: RC: Dir. at Large candidate question

I do not know about the AERC board, but I do know that we on the SERA BOD,
discuss issues on our internet list. The AERC BOD also has an E-mail list
on which issues are discussed. I would assume they know ahead of time the
major issues and have discussed such. That is an assumption on my part.

I do believe that board members should poll the membership they represent,
regional directors their region and director at large the membership in
general to understand the concerns.

I also support the agenda of the BOD meeting be posted on the AERC web
site in advance of the meeting. The more sunshine the AERC BOD operates in
the better it is for all involved.

Truman Prevatt

I have no problem supporting delaying a vote until the views of the
membership have been expressed.

"" wrote:

> Teresa Van Hove
> I have a question for any Dir at Large candidates on ridecamp.
> Would you support changing the BOD meetings in the following manner.
> No rule, fee, etc that affects the AERC membership at large could
> be brought up and voted on at the same meeting?  The problem I see
> with having BOD representatives deciding the direction that AERC
> should take is that I have often had no idea ahead of time what was
> on the agenda for the next board meeting, I have the definite
> impression that the board does not even know everything they are
> going to be voting on.  How can I let my board members know how
> I feel about an issue if I don't know it exists?  How can my
> board members solicit member input before voting if THEY don't know
> what they will be voting on?.
> I would like to see the BOD work with the technical committee and
> the AERC office to have some kind of proposal system set up so that
> any issue that a board member wanted to bring up was submitted
> no less than 2 months before the next meeting to the rest of the board
> so the entire group has time to get feedback before they vote.
> I  would also like the agenda to be posted on the AERC web site.
> Than anyone could get to a library and view the agenda and let
> their directors know their thoughts - it would not be up to the
> board members to "poll" their "constituents"
> Items such as protests and grievances that do not affect the
> membership as a whole would not fall under this 2 month notice
> system - just stuff that affects everybody.  If an issue did come up
> at a meeting it could only be discussed, no binding vote could be
> taken until the next meeting.
> Candidates your thoughts on this?

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