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Re: Saddle Fit

Lynda Townsend townsend.buggies.sleighs@qc.aibn
Jolynn - Have you measured your stirrups to make sure that
they are exactly the same length.  The difference in just
a 1/4 inches can cause problems.
If you shim your saddle with the little rubber shims that
orthoflex supply on the opposite side, it might pick up the
pressure and balance it out.  Sometimes thats all it takes.
Also, if you were to use the Impression Pad made by Port Lewis
you would be able to play with your saddle, shimming it until
you got a perfect fit.  Thats whats so great about this pad.
Most times, just adding one or two of the 1/8" rubber shim will fix
the problem, but to know for sure, you use the pad, and if 
you get an even impression on both sides of the impression pad you 
have a good fit.  Your horse is changing all the time, so to
think that we don't have to adjust our saddles once in awhile
is silly.  We have superb athletes, and with this pad we should
be able to stop the problem before it starts, by simply checking
your saddle fit regularly with this pad.
Their address is

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