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Re: rubber horse shoes

Check out the link in my sig line for info on these shoes.  If the
isn't working, copy/paste it onto your browser.  Let me know what you
think and if you need more info.

Shannon Smith

*NEW* HippOtech Horseshoes
...shock absorbtion & traction
...frog stimulation for encouraging circulation
...soft, lightweight, long-lasting material
...easy see thru design with simple instructions
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Sent: Friday, September 22, 2000 11:59 PM
Subject: RC: rubber horse shoes

> J Welch
>  Ok, I am thinking of going to a synthetic or rubber type of shoe
>  for my horse to cut down on the ware and tear on his poor legs. I
would like to know the good, bad, and ugly on these things. Any feed
back would be greatly appriceated, thanks in advance.
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