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gimme shelter

as fall approaches I am in need to build my lovely babies shelter for the 
winter. I only had to stable them three times last year in Alabama from the 
ice. Poor Ansata had a huge patch of ice on her rump last year and I had to 
nearly bulldoze her to get into a stall. Now that I am in Kentucky and I 
know they get occasional snow here. I was wondering if anyone has any ideas 
on an economical run in shed?
I have to make sure I can remove it because I have a one year lease and I am 
afraid next year I will have to remove my horses from her property.(big eye 
it will need to be big enough for two horses and their ego's
Carla (who nearly got her head blown off from the wind today.)
Ansata (ME? share a space with HER? are you kidding?)
Haley (their ain't enough space in the world for her fat head!)
Rob (WOW MY BALL DROVE FOR 500 yards in this wind!)
Dee & Hershey(which way did that cute little bunny go?)

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