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RC: Rein Hazards

Barb Peck
Barb Peck

RE: getting tangled and dragged in the reins after being thrown.

25 years ago, my Doctor at the time, was riding with his
2 daughters 8 and 12.  The 12 year olds horse bolted and ran
and she came off and was tangled in the reins (and running
martingale) and dragged to her death. 

Since then, my reins have been attached to  my bits (and 
hacamores) with breakway straps between the trigger snap
and bit loop.
5 years ago, I had a wreck, my arm tangled in my reins
and the rein broke where it was supposed to...
I had rein burn marks on my forearm and upper arm, but was
OK. I also was wearing spurs, and somehow spurred myself
(puncture wound) just under the elbow. So yes, freak accidents
can and do happen.

So, the break-aways are worth it especially with all the
boithane and climbimg rope equipment of today.


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