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bucking, running off - help me!!

Please help!!  My Arab mare, 6, is just now being
worked for the first time in her life. i have had her
for one year, but i was pregenant, and now i am
working her in the  ring.  In the ring, she is
learning to collect, relax, and to yeild to leg aids
beautifully.  However, when i take her out on the
trial, she forgets everything, and she will bolt,
buck, and not slow down.  she rides on horse's tails,
and she will not slow down if the other horses trot.
She will not go on the trails by herself.    i feel
like i am hanging on her mouth, or sawing the bit, or
turning her around to get control.  Will she improve? 
How can i help her to get used to other horses, to
riding how i tell her to, and to stop bucking if she
wants to run?  I want to ride endurance with her, but
i think that she will not be welcome like this!!

she eats 3/4 scoop 14% strategy, 3-4 flakes of hay (2
x day) and she plays in the pasture, 5 acres every
day.  i ride her at night for an hour or two.

thank you,


Greener Pastures Equine Therapy, Executive Director
"Extraordinary horses assissting Extraordinary people"

Kickin' It Screenprinting and Embroidery,owner

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