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Bloodwork Results from Tying Up

Hi All, 

Thanks so much for all the personal and professional advice on my mare's
recent "Tying Up" episode.  She looks so normal standing in her pasture
that it is hard to believe that she is still having serious metabolic

The bloodwork drawn by my vet on Monday has now been evaluated. 
Although the labels are somewhat different, the results were as follows:

CPK    3,649                       The top two test were repeated 2x
SGOT   3,239 (which is AST?)
WBC  11.3
RBC   9.27
HGB  14.9
HCT  41.3
MCV  45
MCN  16.0
MCNC  35.6

I have not been able to discuss these results with the vet yet but
already know that the top two confirm the Tie Up and are way above
normal.  Several of you had prepared me for these results to be in the
1,000's.  For those who knew their horses levels, how do these results
compare?  I certainly appreciate all recommendations on a management

Joane and Falon and the Herd
Price, Utah

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