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Australian saddle query

I'm in a quandary. I don't know whether to try and sell my Aussie saddle
or not.

I really love the saddle, but it's heavy and it doesn't fit my horse.
Colin from the Australian Stock Saddle Co. has offered to fit it to my
horse when he's in Columbus or I can do tracings and he'll adjust it
from that. The problem is, when my horse changes shape, I'll have to
have it re-fit.

My husband doesn't ride currently (too busy trying to get a bachelor's
degree and working full time), but by the time my mare is matures enough
to carry him, she'll be good and trail broke. But then again, my husband
might decide he wants some other horse. I use a Sports Saddle and don't
like the idea of a person of his size (between 200 and 250) using a
treeless saddle. I don't think it would fit him anyway.

So, should I keep the saddle? How much do you all think a lightly used,
well taken care of 17" Patrol Poley (no horn) is worth? (Fittings
included.) The saddle was $700 new. Do you think this would be a good
saddle for him? (Assuming it fits the horse) Would I be able to do

TIA all!

Deanna (Ohio)

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