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Heritage Endurance Race list

If you are interested in receiving updates on the race we're putting on out 
of Reserve NM June 9 of next year, please either send a "subscribe" email to:
or go to and sign up there.

This list will be for riders as well as for volunteers who want to work on 
the race and vendors who are interested in a booth.  The list is 
announcements only, and not very many to clutter up your inbox.

There will be a 50+ race (haven't measured exactly yet) and a 30 mile LD on 
Saturday June 9, 2001, a 16 mile Mail Run (not quite a race but fast paced) 
in which mail will actually be delivered on Friday a.m. June 8, and a 16 
mile slower paced trail ride on the morning of Sunday, June 10 over the 
Mail Run trail, which itself goes over the race trail.  Additionally, there 
is a Junior Rodeo that weekend as well as the Catron County Heritage 
Festival, with vendor booths, kids games, entertainment & food!  A full 
weekend with lots of opportunity for the whole family!  Lif

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