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Re: RC: soreness from rides

I always get sore after an endurance ride but never after an conditioning
ride. I found that swimming takes away the pain and stiffness. That's right 
SWIMMING. Just spend like 30 mins in the pool doing the backstroke,
breaststroke, any stroke you can think of. But don't do a long period of 
work. Or better yet just float around. Being in the water relaxes your body 
more and then you are more likely to work out the pain. Or sometimes
I like to go get a massage that's helps to but it can be expensive so I 
don't do that to often but try the swimming thing it helps.
Colleen K.

>From: tina hicks <>
>To: ridecamp <>
>Subject: RC:  soreness from rides
>Date: Mon, 14 Aug 2000 16:37:10 -0500
>Okay, guys I need to know your secrets....What do you do for your
>soreness after a ride? The only "trick" I know of is to take Ibuprofin
>early and often :).
>If you don't get sore after a ride I don't want to hear from you <bg>.
>Tina - who gets a bit sore after a ride no matter how much I've been riding
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