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Blue Mountain Rides

East Coast riders, you'll be glad to know that the Blue Mountain Rides have
a grassier base and "new," well established trails, near Drehersville, PA.
We're still on the tough ol' Blue Mountain with its beautiful scenery, long
climbs on hard dirt, and all the native PA wildlife, but just down the
mountain a ways from where we were.   We took out the really steep rocky
downhill that was in the Rides before (of course there is no way to have a
ride in PA without *some* rocks).  This trail is certainly very do-able for
those in good shape and accustomed to and ready for the terrain.  This year
there are some new stream crossings and a spring or two added along with the
new trails.  I think overall there is more shade than previous Blue Mountain
Rides, too, but I didn't measure that!  There are some road crossings and
pavement near the Hawk Mountain Sanctuary entrance which will have some
traffic because of the fall bird migrations, but as always, we'll have
spotters there.  There will be food for riders and helpers, too!  Click on to request the Ride Descriptions and Entry Forms for
either/both the 25 Mile CTR (October 8, 2000) or the 50 Mile Endurance Ride
(May 6, 2001; this one is also already linked on the site's
AERC calendar).  See you there, and Have FUN!  Bridget Brickson and
Tri-County Arabian Club

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