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Re: RC: Trailer experiment

I use a steel 16 foot open stock trailer that I raised the roof on to 7 feet.
First thing I did was remove that middle gate that come in it.  Then welded
"hinge hangers" for slant gates, and welded some 1 inch square tuding to make
removeable slant gates.  This turns the trailer into a three horse slant if need
be, and they can be removed to have a open trailer or a 2 horse, etc.  The mid
gate can still be put back in to make either a one horse slant or two horse
straight load and storage space if needed, but this puts the horse on/behind the
axel and you better have LOTS of stuff in the front half to offset the weight .

I used ropes once to make the same thing (when I had to make sure the horse
stood infront of the axel because I had a flat on one of the rear tires with no
spare available and I had taken out the slant gates)

I usually haul any number of horse (have packed 5 in it before with lots of hay
taking up the first 4 feet of space)  For some reason, even horses I wouldn't
tie next to each other for worrying about kicking and fighting, haul fine when
tied beside each other in the trailer.

And stock trailers are so open and welcoming that almost any horse will jump
right in.  They are also cooler in  the summer.  My next major trailer project
is to make some kind of hanging plywood panels to enclose the trailer in the
winter.  Unfortunately while this is tops of the trailer project list, it is
pretty far down the overall project list. <g>


Rides 2 Far <> on 08/14/2000 03:43:22 AM

cc:    (bcc: Tamara Woodcock/US1/Lend Lease)

Subject:  RC:  Trailer experiment

O.K. guys I have an idea to throw out. I've got to decide on a new
trailer. I'm kind of forget the 3 horse slant aluminum idea.
I'm considering going up from a 2 horse to a gooseneck. I'm considering
one that is open stock in the back, but would be roomy for 3 horses slant
style.  The thing is I've never had a stock or wanted one. I like the
idea of the horses being seperated. I have a fear of a kicking dual going
down the highway. I occasionally haul horses my horse isn't buddies
with...but *usually* there would be one or two. I know they claim horses
are happiest in a stock...also the stock would convert to living quarters
for family better once we get to the ride... so, here's the idea. I've
been looking at the stall guard (race track type) that is in my barn.
(gift from cousin who got out of racing and my daughter put it up to
pretend her pony's a race horse).  Is is make a sort of collapsable,
storable, partition for an open stock? I'm picturing something like a
stall guard that could be snapped at each end making an "instant slant
load" if I hauled horses that don't know each other so well... Is this
crazy? Unnecessary? Ideas?

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