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Re: RC: Trailer experiment

Hi Angie:

    We also started with a four horse stock trailer.  My husband modified it 
by putting in a slant wall, insulated the living quarters, fridge, microwave, 
TV, heat, AC, etc.  He made the horse partitions out of a square tube steel 
(?) bar, and they are removable, as well as movable from a three to a two 
horse slant.  He makes the stall guards for Belmont, the Preakness and the 
Kentucky Derby, so I'll have to ask him more about what you need, better yet, 
your best bet is to talk to him direct.  Give me details, etc. and I will 
pass it to him.  You can see some of his stuff at, go to 
subsidiaries and click on Dans Saddlery, then something about stall guards.  

    Have a Great Day!  I know I will - school starts tomorrow!!!  Hee hee - 
four kids back to school!!!

Memphis, TN

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