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Re: RC: Bucking/ReCap

In a message dated 8/13/00 4:37:53 PM Pacific Daylight Time, writes:

<< Stacey Dickenson
 Thanks for all of the great input! But, my husband says that
 I didnt clarify that my 5yr. old (Bucking) gelding has never
 been ridden. Totally new to the ride scene. And that I was only 
 on him seven times before I decided to pick him up into the 
 trot. Although he had two months of round pen work under him.
 So, he has thrown two people, in two months out of five weeks of 
 riding him. But it comes out of nowhere and is explosive and
 non stop snorting action! His mind leaves him for awhile.Thats
 it. Hubby just wanted me to clarify that he was just being started.
 Stacey  >>

That's a little different, but I'd still get rid of him. I think I know of a 
lady who can take him and turn him into a pussycat. In fact, she may already 
have a ready-made pussycat you can trade in on.


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