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used to ride a super nice QH stallion named Davey awesome to breed too was a 
real gentleman did his business and was easy on the mares no fuss would nip 
but not bite and was very easy to pull off and re-adjust if necessary. Out 
of Poco Bueno Grand Son and a Jesse James grandson. His only vice. HE would 
Buck you off three times before you could actually ride. I had to develop a 
quick get away before I had damage done. So I would hop and do a sliding 
dismount on the other side. We did this three times and he was cool as a 
cucumber. Was sold as a gelding...had lines out the wazzzoo but didn't have 
nice babies.
Last I heard he continued reining and cow work but still has the cold back. 
Sure do miss that guy!!! He was the first stallion I ever worked.
Ansata ( oh my poor ears she is singing again!)
Haley (the pain the paiINNNNN!)
Rob (oh we have learned the new key of O? (out of tune?)
Dee and Hershey (Hooooowwwwlllllllllllllarf arf Howlllllll!!!)
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