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FW: [WEC] Phone #'s and update

news from the front....
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Sent: Saturday, August 12, 2000 4:37 PM
Subject: [WEC] Phone #'s and update


Here are some useful phone numbers for you.  Note: Dialing from USA the prefix is 011 33 then 6 and the number.  If dialing from within France, it is just 06 and the number.

Cell phone numbers:

Mary Lutz: 011 33 6 7201 5236. If dialing from the USA

Nancy Elliot DVM: 06 8760 2582.  If dialing from within France

Rick Stewart DVM: 06  7191 8421 If dialing from within France

Hotel de Harlay in Compiegne France. Phone 011 33 344 23 01 50.   Fax 011 33 344 20 19 46

All the horses and riders are settling in quite nicely.  Horses look great and are holding their weight well.  The riders prerode the last 12 miles of the trail on Friday and will preride more of the trail on Monday.  It has rained a lot so remember to bring your summer rain gear and rubber barn shoes if you have them.



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