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Re: RC: Re: Dead/Alive -TEVIS RESCUE Part 2

As a postscript to my earlier post-rescue is not a sure thing.  I walked
out the last five miles to the trailhead after the accident we were
involved in-the trail had many downed logs at that point and was not
passble to horses.  Called the sheriff after getting a ride out to the
nearest small town.  Was told to call the USFS.  The USFS said they
would send in their trail crew the next morning-two men and a cross cut
saw.  Probably take a couple of days to clear the trail-at least.  I
then called our local chapter of Backcountry Horseman and being the good
friends they are at least twelve people met at the trailhead at 7 the
next morning and had that trail cleared out in three hours.  Chain saws
in the Wilderness-not legal but it worked.  It was raining hard and
snowing on the upper portion of the trail.  The trip from Hell.   I
recommend that all of you who ride mountain trails get involved with
your local BCH chapter and perhaps it would be interesting to inquire in
to just how any rescue would be handled where you usually ride.   Mary

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