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Re: RC: Re: Safe starts at races...

Well, that is good news. I've been told that in LDs, if you linger back too 
long, you're likely never to catch the front runners. Any comments?

>From: "Whitney Bass" <>
>Reply-To: <>
>To: "B.E. Jackson" <>, <>
>Subject: RC:  Re: Safe starts at races...
>Date: Sat, 22 Jan 2000 18:18:00 -0700
>The easiest way to have a safe start at a ride (I've found) is to avoid the
>start of the race.  I wait for most of the riders to leave (while I
>continue warming my horse up away from the start area), then I head out.
>It seems to be easier on my horse (they don't burn so much needed energy in
>the first 10 miles or so), and it's much safer because I avoid the majority
>of the "traffic".  And, yes, you can still compete using this technique --
>I rarely finish out of the top ten.  Hope this helps!

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