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Re: RC: States


I grew up in a small town.  We learned at a young age
to not give away our fishing hole.  So, I will tell
you that Arizona is like living in an oven, it gets to
120 degrees for about 4 months each year and there is
no grass whatsoever and there are about 4.5 million
people in Phoenix proper and very few riding trails
and bad, bad gangs with lots of guns - horses have
been known to be shot in their pastures - and the pay
scale sucks and ........

--- wrote:
> oh yeah, I forgot to ask where all of you live,
> there has to be at least one 
> person from each state out there so I should be able
> to get a lot of info on 
> different states.  What is endurance like there, I
> hear it is different on 
> the east coast.  What do you like about your state,
> what is it like (country 
> type area or a big city)
> -Renee
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